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I make Minecraft videos and this is my server! Join mc.ipocketisland.com now!

This Minecraft server features expansive Survival World. You can level up and track your skills using mcMMO. Claim land and gain power using factions. Get, buy and sell items with a full economy system with a store. PvP with or against your friends!

This Minecraft server also features many popular Minecraft games such as Survival Games/Hunger Games, PvP Arena and Mob Arena. Battle against your friends in many Survival Games arenas and track your stats! PvP in a team deathmatch game in PvP Arena. Fight waves of mobs in the Mob Arena!

Why donate ?

Donations help the server stay alive and give us motivation to keep bringing the minecraft community the best server possible!



About the Server: mc.ipocketisland.com

Welcome to IPocketIsland's server, a fast growing Minecraft server. You are invited to join our amazing community, have fun and make new friends!

Survival Games

We feature many amazing Survival Games arenas with lots of people to play with! We include features such as deathmatch, sponsoring tributes and more!

PvP Survival World

Our PvP Survival World features Factions, mcMMO and Economy. This allows you to create a group of friends that is able to battle other factions and conquer the land! Also, mcMMO allows you to level up and track your skills. A full on economy system allows players to gain resources, purchase items and sell items with in-game money.

Hosted by CubedHost

Thank you to CubedHost for making all of this possible! They have amazing Minecraft servers that we love. Get 20% off Cubed Host Servers by using code "pocket" (Must be all lowercase).

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Server Trailer Video!

New Server Hub!

A new hub has been released which allows easy switching between servers and is also very stylish! Come check it out!

Server Hub

New Survival Games Plugin!

We've got a brand new Survival Games plugin that adds a lot of new features to Hunger Games!

You can now find deathmatch, sponsoring, improved spectating, custom player tab list, improved chat, improved match making and more! Come play Survival Games today!

Support the server and earn prizes!

Vote for this server on various Minecraft Server sites for prizes! Look below for the websites you can vote on!